A revolution that is changing the way of building.

You know what BIM methodology is all about.

In case you do not, we are talking about Building Information Modelling, a concept that was a milestone in the construction world, with the right processes and tools.

The BIM methodology allows you to save time, money, and a lot of headaches that professionals suffer when what “looks good on paper” clashes with the reality.

You can see the finished construction before you start.

Basically, BIM is a 3D model that shows a construction site with all the elements that make up a building.

BIM is a multidimensional building model that includes the idea, the brief, the tridimensional model, the time factor, costs, the sustainability analysis, and the project life cycle management.

It is better to avoid making mistakes, but if you do, it is cheaper with BIM.

Can you imagine having to go back to the drawing board because the water pipe collides with the gas pipe? Fortunately, thanks to BIM, which is outdated.

All the BIM modelling information is in databases. A change in the architecture, structure, facilities, or any other element modifies the model and all the professionals involved can see the changes and their consequences.

At Espacio Ingeniería, we are available to help you adopt the BIM methodology.

The staff of Espacio Ingeniería consists of professionals specifically trained in everything related to the BIM methodology. Working together with the rest of the engineering team allows us to be at the forefront and make sure to provide you with full support and advice at every stage of the project.

When you adopt the BIM methodology, you will wonder why you did not do it before?

What BIM methodology offers you:

  • It allows you to design smarter and more sustainable buildings.
  • It offers you greater quality assurance and safety for your project.
  • It helps you manage changes and make quick decisions.
  • It makes it easier to manage and share information.
  • It optimizes costs and construction times.
  • It develops in real time in a coordinated and collaborative environment.

What is included in the BIM service:

  • Structural, architectural, and facility modelling.
  • BIM coordination
  • Construction drawing generation
  • Data entry for operation and maintenance
  • BIM training courses
  • Material take-offs
  • Existing condition modelling
  • Point cloud survey
  • Intervention of existing structures

Why should you hire Espacio Ingeniería together with the BIM methodology?

Thanks to our experience, today we can offer you an integral service that will allow you to reduce your costs and time, increase the efficiency of your project, and get to the building stage in the best way possible.

We will help you by providing you with the best experience so you can get the most out of this BIM methodology that came to change the way of building forever.

We want to be
part of your team.

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