We support you from beginning to end.

We have already told you that one of our strengths is how we decide to support each architect through the different stages of every project.

In order to offer a quality experience and be available whenever you need, we have designed a virtuous workflow that allows us to provide an excellent service.

Initial Stage

Tell us your concern.
You tell us what you need, and we will take care of it.
We will assign you the person from our team who has the skills and specialization that best suits your project. There will be no one better than this person to do it!

The engineer in charge will contact you to provide you with a quote and then we will start working on stage one.

Stage One

Let’s get the ball rolling
Once the budget is approved, we will start with the first meetings and communications.

By phone, you and the engineer in charge will review the project, define the action plan, and set deadlines for partial deliveries.

Each project is unique, and we want to know all about it.
Details matter too!

Stage Two

Each area has its own way
Stages will depend on the area. However, in all projects we will:
Clarify all the stages and deadlines. You will know every detail about our progress.
Arrange the necessary meetings or communications to be able to move forward. We will never do anything without your prior approval.

Respect deadlines and look for the best possible solution.

Stage Three

Moving forward with 100% confidence
We do not want to find mistakes when it is too late, that is why we will review what has been done.

At this stage, we will give you as much time as you consider necessary to make sure there are no mistakes before approving what have been done so far.

We will arrange the necessary meetings and communications and make the necessary modifications in order to move forward to the final stage.

If this stage is not necessary in your project, you will know it from the very beginning.

Final Stage

Delivery of the documentation

After delivering the material, we will answer any questions you may have. What will we deliver?

Structural Design and Calculation

  • On-site layout plans.
  • General and detailed plans.
  • Steel and concrete calculation.
  • Reinforcement bend tables.
  • Calculation memory.
  • A 3D model


  • Photographs of the project.
  • Videos.

Facilities Design

  • General and detailed plans.
  • Material take-offs.

BIM Execution Plan

  • 3D modelling of all disciplines.
  • Site installation drawings.
  • Material take-offs.
  • Coordination and interference detection.
  • BIM execution plan for projects.
  • Advice and training on the BIM Methodology.

We want to be
part of your team.

Work with us !