You and your project are our priority.

Our professional work allowed us to discover the value that each architect gives to their projects. That motivated us to create a structure design and calculation service focused on the needs of professionals like you, who are looking for a strategic partner to solve all the problems and help them grow.

As each project is unique, when a new client comes in, we analyze their case individually to provide them with the best solution.

This is the way we work with clients like you.

Although we have so much to tell you, we summarize the most relevant aspects in the following points:

We do not change the design: It is an essential part of our work to propose structures that adhere to the original design.

We support you on each stage: We will always be “on the front line” for you at the right time.

We are fast: We pay most attention to our deadlines to save you time and money.

We create customized drawings: The drawings we deliver are 100% designed by us. Besides, they are executable, and they are also designed to be easy to interpret and apply.

A service created with you in mind.

Espacio Ingeniería was created with the goal of changing the rules of the game regarding structure, design, and calculation. From day one, we invest in research and development, in improving processes and in training our team while integrating new technology and services.

We do all this by keeping architects like you in mind, who want their work to be valued, a quality experience, and an excellent result.

It is difficult to change the design and calculation studio.

We want you to choose us as your partner, and we are here to help you in that transition so that everything turns out to be better than you think.

Our value proposition, our working method, the way we take care of each professional, our processes and their results will allow you to make a quality leap in your professional career and raise the level of your architectural projects.

Choose Espacio Ingeniería as your partner.

Are you still in doubt? Ask our clients.

We have been working with great clients. You can call any of them, and they will tell you exactly what we say.

Take the plunge, choose Espacio Ingeniería as your partner.

Design and calculation are just the beginning.

We offer the service of structure design and calculation, but we are also dedicated to the facilities design, BIM planning, and rendering. However, our list of services is not enough to show our value proposition.

If you work with us, you will see that we meet your needs in a different and totally new way.

We strive to provide unique, different, and better experiences with clients like you in mind.

We want to be
part of your team.

Work with us !